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Never give your opinion unless asked.
You would not want unwanted opinions.

Do not tell others your troubles.
Chances are  they dont care anyway.

When in anothers home be respectful or do not go there.
Simply common courtesy.

If a guest is rude in your home throw them out and do not stand for it.
It is lack of graciousness.

Do not make sexual advances, unless they are reciprocated.
Nobody likes a leacherous person.

Do not take that which does not belong to you.
Thieves are not respected.

Do not complain about things you need not subject yourself with.
It is not your business anyway.

Do not harm children.
They are the next generation.

Do not kill animals unless for food.
Satan does not sacrifice animals.

When walking in open territory if someone bothers you, tell them to stop. If they continue defeat the enemy.
You are within your right to protect yourself.

Never love anything too much because when it is gone
it saves disappointment.

In the use of magic if utilized do not speak bad of it.
Magic is the power and should be treated with respect.

Show love and compassion to the worthy.
Anything more is uneccessary.

Do not trust the government at any cost.
They are all decievers.

Do not let anyone tell you how to live your life or what Satanism is.
It is subjective to each individual.

Do not concern yourself with others opinions of you.
They are not important and lack of retaliation shows them you hold the power, not them.

Never expect anything.
It saves disappointment.

If you cannot change the situation, change the way you percievie it.
There is no point in getting oneself upset all one has to do is rationalize it and view it in a way that is beneficial to one.

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